It is not just about the coffee
and desserts.

This Site is Under Construction, so,

If you hear about an event and want to reserve a table,
call 607-427-9891 or 607-692-3838

See something like a spelling error, etc. and would like to suggest a change, have an idea for the site or the coffeehouse ministry? Text 607-427-9645 or call 607-692-3838. Thank you!

Thank you not only for your patience, but your support as well!


Promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ

Solid Ground Coffeehouse

We are a 508c1a non profit, tax-deductible ministry.

Our goal has always been to promote the good news of Jesus Christ to our community. We are not a regular coffeehouse open every day from 7 to 9.

Beverage Menu

espresso-based drinks, Coffees, teas, bottled juices and more!

Dessert Menu

we have many desserts in both 'regular' and gluten free!

Host An Event Or Book A Table

Keep an eye out! we are working on a number of special coffeehouse events!
we will also be making the coffeehouse available to christian ministries, churches and other groups who would want to host an event, prayer meetings or bible studies.
we will also be offering christian-based homesteading classes...
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